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TerraKat Spreaders Below

T5 – 5 Ton

T8 – 8 Ton

T10 – 10 Ton

T15 – 15 Ton

T20 – 20 Ton

T28 – 28 Ton

T34 – 34 Ton

Technical Drawing


Forget all previous spreaders.  We have changed the helical / auger shape that has been used for years.  Besides the 1 inch thickness for durability, long lasting and cost saving structure, this new system is designed to spread maximum distance with its free swing ability.  With this new design, you will be able to spread up to 82 feet depending on field conditions.


Manure is spread just like it is sawn, cut, and shredded when it reaches the spreading fingers.  Our double row carrier achieves even distribution of the load with its bigger chain supports.  this is how you save time and cost.


TerraKat manure spreaders are equipped with a Beam Floating Suspension system for Unlimited Mobility.  All tires are always in touch with the ground.  This Tandem System is designed to make your work easier even in the most difficult field conditions.