Terrakat LLC

Growing Your Future From What’s Left Behind


Flail-Style Vertical Beaters

bypass system to allow passage of large materials

Streamlined Construction

custom in-house gearboxes, minimal maintenance

Heavy Duty Undercarriage

22.5 flotation tires, 3.75″ Axles

Dual-Drive, Dual-Slat Apron

1/2″ Log Chains (4) Hydraulic Drive

– 1 Year Parts Warranty –

on any manufacturer defectduring normal use as intended

Brand New TerraKats Arrived and Assembled

Ready for Delivery!

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The TerraKat T20

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 Check Out the Full Line Up of

TerraKat Spreaders Below

T5 – 5 Ton

T8 – 8 Ton

T10 – 10 Ton

T15 – 15 Ton

T20 – 20 Ton

T28 – 28 Ton

T34 – 34 Ton

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Dairyman/Farmer 1st!

My name is David Foster. I am a 4th Generation Dairyman at Foster Dairy in Southeast Kansas! I started Terrakat because I simply wanted a better option for our farm. I wanted a better quality product at a better price. When I found it, I decided to pass on the savings and the value to other farmers/ranchers/dairyman like myself! I take great pride in saving my fellow agriculturists money. I have helped to develop a product that will meet the needs of today’s rigorous demands while still affording the highest of quality!

I also believe that I am helping to level the playing field when it comes to overpriced agricultural equipment in the industry today. I am putting pressure on the companies to provide a product at a reasonable price. I work off of narrow margins in order to keep the price as low as possible. We all compete globally when it comes to selling our products (beef, dairy, crops) and yet it seems by and large have been held hostage to paying premiums on equipment that are sold cheaper to other countries around the world. This makes it more difficult and somewhat unfair for American farmers to pay more for inputs and still be subject to global market prices!  If you’re looking for an advantage, give us a shot to meet your needs.


This machine is so easily designed for hard use with minimal maintenance!!!! And love the price

Kaitlyn Keller, Gridley, KS


I bought a T20 TerraKat pulled it from Ft Scott Kansas to Lamar Colorado with a 3/4 ton pickup! Liked the machine so much that within 2 weeks of using it, I ordered another one! If you have rocks,concrete, or even 2-7/8 pipe in your feedlot manure you will want this spreader with its awesome beater bypass system!

Wesley Werth, Lamar, CO

It was easy talking to David about my needs because we both dairy. He made the process simple, got my purchase financed, communicated throughout and delivered it to my door. I only wish that the weather would cooperate!

Billy Jarvis, Afton, OK

Conctact Us Today! 

1035 Hwy 39, Fort Scott, KS 66701

(888) 745-2528 = (888) Pik-A-Kat